March Milestone: Membership

CORE Group launched in 1997 as a membership organization, and while our membership has evolved over the years, it has remained central to our mission.


Originally, all NGOs receiving Child Survival and Health Grants Program (CSHGP) grants automatically became members.

Then in 2003, CORE Group established annual membership fees and a membership process. A CSHGP grant was no longer an automatic assurance of membership, and membership opened up to any international NGO with a US office and a commitment to community-based maternal and child health, among other criteria. All membership applicants started going through an approval process by the Board and Membership.

In 2011, the Associate and Individual Associate Membership levels were introduced, opening CORE Group’s membership even further to for-profit organizations, universities, foundations, and consultants or other individuals.

Learn more about the history of CORE Group Membership and why so many organizations renew their membership year after year:


Over the years we have prioritized quality over quantity to preserve the social capital necessary for cross-organizational sharing and collaboration, adding just a few members per year on average.

We have now grown to 100+ Members, Associates, and Individual Associates, and our diverse membership includes small, medium and large organizations; secular and faith-based organizations; organizations funded by government and organizations funded through private sources; relief-oriented health organizations seeking more involvement in development and transitional settings; university health departments; foundations; and so much more. 

We are so proud of our members’ many accomplishments that we highlight them in a quarterly Member Highlights eNewsletter. Take a look!

Learn more about CORE Group membership here.

We conducted a detailed Membership Survey at the end of 2016, and we will be sharing the results with the community soon. Here is a sneak peak of some of the responses about membership benefits:

“CORE Group is an essential platform to share and disseminate learning as well as convene like-minded organizations and stakeholders to advance dialogue and best practices. There is a sense of responsibility to share program evidence and contribute to this community of practice and to learn from other practitioners.”

“I feel that the openness of CORE is a huge asset. There has never been a time when I felt that I could not ask for support from CORE’s membership, and it was always provided!”