May Milestone: USAID’s Maternal and Child Health Projects

In its early years, CORE Group worked closely with USAID and the Child Survival Technical Support Project to provide technical support to NGO grantees of the Child Survival and Health Grants Program (CSHGP).

In 2008, USAID combined the Child Survival Technical Support Project and several other initiatives into the flagship Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP).

CORE Group was brought into MCHIP as a sub-grantee to continue support of the CSHGP grantees. Over time, CORE Group’s role in the project evolved as USAID and partners took note of the value of our growing International Community Health Network for learning and dissemination, and CORE Group’s community health expertise.

When MCHIP ended in 2014, CORE Group took on a full partner role in its successor – USAID’s Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP).

CORE Group is an active member of MCSP’s Community Health and Civil Society Engagement team, working closely with other partners to institutionalize community health as a central component of country health systems, and connect MCSP with the broader global health community through our Global Health Practitioner Conferences, Working Groups, webinars, resources, etc.

Learn more about CORE Group’s history with USAID’s maternal and child health projects:

Below are several of the resources that CORE Group has developed or contributed to through MCHIP and MCSP:

And here are some CORE Group-produced webinars sharing key MCHIP/MCSP takeaways:

CORE Group and its members bring a unique perspective on household and community-level issues, community mobilization and demand creation that is complementary to MCHIP’s more national and health-system oriented approach.

– MCHIP Midterm Evaluation

MCSP staff at the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference in Johannesburg in March 2017.