August Milestone: Meetings/Conferences

Since its inception, CORE Group has hosted two major in-person gatherings each year –traditionally a two-day meeting in the fall and a week-long meeting in the spring.

As CORE Group evolved beyond its original purpose of convening NGO grantees of USAID’s Child Survival and Health Grants Program, the meetings expanded as well,  attracting universities, private sector, donors, UN, civil society, etc.

From the early 2000s to the early 2010s, the average number of attendees doubled, and in 2013, we renamed the “Meetings” to “Global Health Practitioner Conferences” to reflect their growing caliber.

“The conversations were very thought provoking and invoked deep discussion and reflection. The [Spring 2014] conference provided a unique platform for global health practitioners to learn from each other and share experiences in a unique way. I found the conference to be excellent, and I’m already looking forward to the fall conference!” – Elizabeth Romanoff Silva, USAID

The conferences provide state-of-the-art global health information, engage our International Community Health Network in dialogue to share innovations and move key issues forward, develop new relationships and partnerships through networking, build member skills, and develop working group plans and activities.

“This is my first CORE Goup conference [Spring 2016], and what’s been amazing is to feel such a sense of camaraderie with people that are doing really important work all across the globe, and to have a sense that there’s a team of us working toward the same outcomes for kids.” – Maureen Dykinga, SPOON Foundation

Below is a list of all the meetings and conferences in our records, including links to reports for all in the last several years.